Inspiration is perishable

July 8th, 2009

I am following the 37signals blog ever since I kinda randomly stumbled upon their Getting Real book. If you never heard about them, definitely check out the book, is a very common sense approach to managing product development in the age of Internets. On this post I was really touched by one remark: Inspiration is perishable. The ideas you have can linger in your head for a long time, but the inspiration for it fades quickly. So don’t postpone it, by the time you get to it you’ll only deliver a pale image of the original idea. Do it when you’re pumped up and thrilled by it.

I reckon I’m a procrastinator deLuxe, but I have to agree. I know the difference between working at 2 am. and not feeling a bit tired when I’m excited about my work on one hand, and the damp feeling of exhaustion that drags you to watch some stupid TV show at 6 pm because I’m bored with the current project on the other hand.

One response to “Inspiration is perishable”

  1. Aamod says:

    I reckon even Iā€™m a procrastinator deLuxe, but I have to agree.

    Great Stuff !!
    Thanks Remus,Thanks 37Signals