How to enable and disable a queue using SMO

February 6th, 2013

The SMO object model for SQL Server ServiceQueue does allow one to enable or disable a queue, but the property that modifies the queue status is not intuitive, it is IsEnqueueEnabled:

Gets or sets the Boolean property that specifies whether the queue is enabled.

This property matches the catalog view column is_enqueue_enabled in sys.service_queues but bears little resemblance to the T-SQL statement used to enable or disable a queue: ALTER QUEUE ... WITH STATUS = {ON|OFF}

For example the following SMO code snippet:

            Server server = new Server("...");
            Database db = server.Databases["msdb"];
            ServiceQueue sq = new ServiceQueue(db.ServiceBroker, "foo");
            sq.IsEnqueueEnabled = false;
            sq.IsEnqueueEnabled = true;

generates the following T-SQL:

CREATE QUEUE [dbo].[foo];
ALTER QUEUE [dbo].[foo]  WITH STATUS = OFF ...;
ALTER QUEUE [dbo].[foo] WITH STATUS = ON ...;

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