Remote Desktop Manager now available

June 29th, 2010

Microsoft internal folks have been used for years a little tool called the Remote Desktop Manager. This tool allows you to save connection settings for frequently used machines you remote into. You can group the servers, save the credentials used for each server or for each group. It allows you to tile and monitor multiple remote desks at once, and overall is a wonderful tool for anyone using remote desktops frequently.

Fortunately now the tool is available publicly for download from the Microsoft Download site.

High Volume Contiguos Real Time Audit and ETL

June 11th, 2010

Tomorrow at SQL Saturday #43 in Redmond I’ll be presenting a session documenting the real-time audit and ETL the Microsoft uses to manage the access policies on its network. This presentation goes over some of the challenges posed by a contiguos, non-stop, high trhoughput stream of audit records poses when loading the audit into a data warehouse. I’m posting here the slides I’m going to present, if you plan to attent you can preview them right now, and come to the session with an educated set of questions for your specific case.